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How do I engage customers/visitors with WelcoMe?

How do I engage customers with WelcoMe?

How you extend the invitation to your customers to share their needs is crucial to the success of your WelcoMe.

If customers are not aware that they can have an enhanced experience with you they have no way to request one and your teams do not benefit from the training.

When you are implementing the tool, assess where in the customer journey people may look for information about how to access you:

Accessibility pages
"How to get here" literature
Facility listings
Appointment/meeting/interview invitations
Event and conference bookings
Contact us

WelcoMe is the most person-centred tool for visitors to share their access needs, helping organisations do more (more easily) with enhanced communication and instant training.

This is an incredible video made by a blind vlogger about her experience using WelcoMe to access Natwest, that is a great way to understand the platform if people haven't seen it in action.

WelcoMe in 60 Seconds is a video to help you articulate really quickly and effectively about what WelcoMe is.

WelcoMe Bio

WelcoMe specialises in making face-to-face transactions between staff teams and disabled people as informed, anxiety-free and friendly as possible. WelcoMe shares information about your customers, their needs and their reasons for visiting, along with proximity aware information so your teams can plan for their arrival. In addition, WelcoMe delivers a unique and innovative approach to in-the-moment training so that teams do not need to rely on recall to deliver best practice and can easily identify hidden conditions without awkward conversations.

Use the WelcoMe widget or your venue profile URL to extend the invitation

Linking WelcoMe directly on your web-page with widget, as part of the natural user journey, means that your potential visitors have more awareness of your accessibility support offering. This is a differentiator, and can be the difference between someone choosing to visit you or not. You can find out more about how to embed the WelcoMe widget HERE

You can use language like:

“Did you know that you can have an enhanced, inclusive experience?” with link to profile
“Share your needs with us ahead of your visit”
“Plan your accessible visit here”
We can offer an personalised and inclusive service, click here to find out more”

Some examples of how this could look are shared below:

Widget on website

Here is an example of how the widget will look on your website. No worries! The logo and information will reflect your own venue! 😅

Find more info to add a widget to your website here

Restaurant venue website example

Events venue website example

Email invitation example

To make this as simple as it possibly can be, WelcoMe is offering a free audit of your communications. We can work together to understand how best to communicate about your WelcoMe. Make the most of this opportunity for your inclusive customer journeys.

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Updated on: 14/08/2023

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