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Adding or Modify your Company logo

Only Organisational Admins and Venue Admins are able to edit venue profiles and add/update logos. To know more about login permissions click HERE

The logo must be 500x500 pixels, 2MB max, .png or .jpeg file format

There is 2 ways of adding your Company logo: during the self onboarding process and by editing your venue profile.

During the self onboarding process

After adding your details and setup a password you will be able to upload your venue logo by clicking the box or dragging a file.

Self onboarding process is available if you need to add 1 venue only. For more venues you need to book a call with our enterprise team HERE to discuss pricing and additional features.

By editing your venue profile

Login to the platform and click the 'Venue' tab on the top of the screen

Click on the 'Edit' button

Click on the 'Upload' button, upload your venue logo from your files and click on the 'Save' button after uploading the logo.

Updated on: 27/05/2022

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